How to Get Involved in Kirsten's World

Become a Changemaker

Kirsten typically works with successful women who are at a reflection point in their career and are curious about how they can use their next act to give back but aren’t sure what to do or how to do it.

Through The Women's Changemaker Mentorship™, Kirsten helps her clients start heart-centered businesses, organizations and passion projects that create healthier, safer and more just communities. This is where her vision, mission skills, experience and passion collide to create her superpower: helping people help more people.

Kirsten also takes on a limited number of clients who need individual support in order to find their path to becoming a changemaker.

After many years working across cultures and time zones, Kirsten is accustomed to working with people all over the world. She designed The Women's Changemaker Mentorship™ to be a mostly online realtime program so that people in all communities, with all abilities can have the opportunity to become Changemakers in their communities.

To get on Kirsten’s calendar to see if you are a good fit to work with her, schedule a free 15 minute discovery call. 

Attend a Next Act Bootcamp

Next Act Bootcamp™ is for individuals and teams who are curious about how they could use their ideas, skills and passion to launch a new mission-driven career, start a heart-centered business or nonprofit or design a passion project that will create change in your life and your community.

Next Act Bootcamp™ is offered as a five week online course and a two day live seminar. 

The focus is on how to create a life that makes you feel deeply connected to your inner superhero, without all the self-doubt and confusion and how to use your voice, experience and ideas to transform lives, including your own.

invite Kirsten to speak

Kirsten's goal is to motivate people and businesses, particularly women and women-owned businesses, to go beyond simply giving to charity and volunteering to become Changemakers in their communities. 

She brings her message to stages and podcasts all over the world as a keynote speaker, panelist and guest. Her authentic, storytelling motivational style inspires people to take action to change their lives and communities.