Turning 50 knocked me on my butt. What did I want to do with my life? Kirsten helped me find a path that I didn’t even realize was an option.
— Christopher F., Career Reinventor

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You’ve built a successful career. But it doesn’t feel right anymore.

You’ve raised your kids. Now it’s time to focus on you.

You’ve done what you were supposed to do. Now you’re wondering what else you can do.


Big changes are easier with someone you trust at your side. That’s where I come in. I provide a safe zone to develop realistic & doable goals, & the support to make them happen.


My Focus on Being Bold is Not for Everyone


Continue reading if you:

✔ Are serious about answering the question, “What’s next for me?”

✔ Believe that your future is worth investing in.

✔ Like taking action to move your dreams forward.

✔ Are comfortable with being challenged.

✔ Know keeping the status quo is not an option.


The Truth

Many of my clients tell me that they wished they hadn’t waited so long to explore their future. Fear of the unknown held them back. Procrastination made them put it off. Confusion kept them stalled. The truth is that reinvention is scary, you’ll never have more time than you do right now, & no matter how much information you gather, you’ll never have all the answers. It’s not about finding your next job. It’s about unleashing the next phase of your life.


Stale & underwhelmed?

You’re proud of what you’ve done. You tell yourself to enjoy your success. But, there it is. That feeling in the pit of your stomach. You want something else. But what? Together we’ll discover what challenges you, makes you feel relevant & how to create freshness in your life & career.

Confused & Lost?

You used to have it all figured out. You knew who you were & where you were headed. But, something shifted. The kids are growing up, the company is restructuring again, travel has become rote. You feel lost. Together we’ll create a new GPS for your life & career to get you moving in the right direction.

Afraid & Stuck

You want to make a change but you’re scared. How will you make money? Can you handle starting over? How will your family react? Making big changes can be daunting & lonely without someone to talk to who’s been down that road. Together we’ll replace fear with curiosity & excitement.

Does that sound like you?

Are you ready to

✔ Set & conquer new challenges?

✔ Refresh your life & career?

✔ Be accountable?


Working with me might be the answer you’re looking for.