Client Stories and Testimonials

My clients inspire me every day.

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Susanne C. Founder, EdSnaps

After a successful career in neuroscience, Susanne founded EDSnaps, an organization that inspires & empowers under-served female-identifying students to become exceptional global STEM community leaders. Susanne began working with me when she was having trouble moving her organization forward. She was unsure of her ability to raise funds for the organization, which was inhibiting EDSnaps growth. We worked together to help her move past her fear & confusion so that she could step powerfully into her role as leader.

“Before I started working with Kirsten, I felt like I was swimming in an ocean with no land in sight. As a result of my work with Kirsten, I feel even more empowered, energized and totally out of the weeds.”

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Teresa V. Co-Founder, Museum of the courageous 

For a year, Teresa tooled around with an idea to spark a movement of people capable of standing up to hate in America—but she hesitated to leave the security of a position that had grown too small for her.  

"In order for me to make the leap to launch the transformative change I believed needed to happen in this world, I was going to have to change the way I saw myself. I was going to have to stretch out of my comfort zone and use my own voice. But my fears stopped me from quitting my job and striking out on my own."

While working with me, she left the job that was too small for her and put together a 3-year action plan to spark a movement of people to stand up to hate.

"Kirsten helped me to tackle the really practical problems that posed as the kryptonite to my vision. Kirsten gave me concrete examples of how to earn money that helped me see how making the leap made sense."

“Working with Kirsten, I had the dedicated time and space to redirect my mojo and to use my voice to accomplish the change I wanted to see happen in the world.”


Tami & Dianne, Founders, Kinona Sport

Tami Fujii and Dianne Celuch, founded Kinona Sport, a women’s golf apparel company. When I worked with Tami and Dianne, I quickly realized their business and passion isn’t just about golf clothes; it’s about getting more women on the golf course, where business deals happen.

Dianne and Tami hired me to help them give back to the community. They wanted to pick a community partner, a nonprofit, that could help them fulfill their dream of running a business that is also creating change in the community.

In our Strategy Session, I asked them to dig into what they stood for, what was important to them and how they wanted to show up in their communities, both as individuals and as a company. I helped them see that what they had in common was a desire to make impact at the community level and to play a part in mentoring girls. So, they explored give back opportunities that allowed them to do that.

“Moving the give back part of our business forward has been very frustrating and left us feeling like we are not doing an important piece of our company.

”After working with Kirsten, we felt more focused and purposeful. We know that we will be able to easily determine which charitable organization best fits with Kinona as a brand, as a personal extension of ourselves, and as something we can embed in our company culture.”