The Changemaker Mentorship

Stop wondering if you have it in you to change the world
and start doing it.



The CHANGEMAKER MENTORship is by application only. The first step is to schedule your free 1-on-1 Changemaker Mentorship DISCOVERY CALL 


You don’t want to be a bystander. That’s NEVER been your style.

You know you want to play your part in solving the problems
that your community, your country, and the world, are dealing with.

Things like lives wrecked by drug use, human rights abuses
and children who’ve seen, and been subjected, to things
that no child ever should.

And you know that you’re at your happiest and most productive when you’re: making something better, creating something, teaching someone or learning something new.

You feel good when you’re doing what matters to you most.

So you’ve decided that you’re going to jump in with both feet and help address the issues that have a special place in your heart.

Because you’re an enterprising type,

you’ve already come up with a truly awesome idea.


But an idea on its own isn’t enough.

And it’s not going to change anything
if it stays tucked away in your brain,
or the pages of a notebook,
or in a file on your laptop.  

So where on earth do you start?

  • How do you know if your idea has legs?
  • What about putting together a plan?
  • How can you show that there’s a real need or market for what you want to do?
  • How much is it going to cost? How much should you charge?
  • Where will you get the funding?
  • Should you be a for-profit, non-profit or a hybrid?
  • How will you find the time to do it all?
  • Who’s going to help you?
  • How will you get past the hiccups and challenges that’ll inevitably pop up?
  • How do you get rid of that voice inside your head telling you you can't do this? 

You’re smart.
You know that bringing your idea
kicking and screaming into the world
is going to take a whole lotta time, energy and patience.
And courage.
And determination.
And a leap of faith too.

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re a doer, not just a talker.

You’re ready to put skin in the game and you need help to get your idea moving.

“ I feel more confident and better equipped to take STEM Like a Girl to the next
level and start impacting girls and excite them about science and engineering! “
— Sarah Foster, Founder, STEM Like a Girl



A roadmap

So you’re 100% clear about what you’re going to do, who you're going to help and when and how you’re going to do it.

A community

To cheer you on, make sure you stay on track and keep reminding you that YOU CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

A guide

Who has decades of expertise in working in social issues, and starting and managing projects. Someone who’s been there, done that and has a wardrobe full of the t-shirts.

Helpful Tools & resources

So you don’t have to spend tons of time rooting around for the information and the connections you need.  

I’m guessing that, at the moment, you probably
don’t have all these things?

The Changemaker Mentorship does.

Kirsten Bunch Changemaker Mentorship Deck (1).png

The Changemaker Mentorship is an
interactive project-based program for women entrepreneurs & executives

that will help you to get your great big idea for making things better out into the world, so you can start changing lives (including your own).

As well as helping you to make the most of your talents, The Changemaker Mentorship will help you kick self-doubt, overwhelm and confusion to the curb, and replace them with a clear, doable action plan.


Have designed, started and maybe finished a project based on your idea. It’ll either be a short-term, standalone project, or the foundation for a long-term organization, social enterprise, foundation, consulting firm or a combination of all of those things. What your project looks like will depend on what your long-term goals are.

(Why a project? To cut down on the "overwhelm" that we feel when standing on the precipice of  a new idea. I will help you break down the implementation of your idea into manageable "project" chunks so you don't become immobilized by the big picture.)

As you’re putting your project together you’ll:

  • identify the strengths and skills you’re going to use to change lives
  • get a deeper level of knowledge about, and experience of, the issue you’re focusing on
  • dig into your problem and weigh possible solutions 
  • get clear about who’ll benefit from it
  • work out what resources you need
  • decide how much time and money you can devote to it
  • figure out how you’ll fund your project
  • develop its structure 
  • connect with people you could potentially work with 
  • develop a concrete action plan to turn your idea into reality


Part 1: 

Your issue, solution, vision and goals

You’ll kick off by checking how well you REALLY understand your issue, and examine your idea for a solution from all angles. 

You’ll also figure out how you see your idea working in the future, and break it down into a series of smaller, less daunting and more manageable goals. 

  • How to approach an issue from the point of view of all types of stakeholders
  • How to design a solution that puts the people you are trying to help first
  • How to dream big, but also how to fight off overwhelm by breaking your dreams into manageable and achievable goals. 
  • What others are doing to address your issues or ones like it

Part 2: 

Project design

You’ll start to put all the pieces together that will take your idea out of the ‘But what if?’ zone.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to put together a project that makes the most of your time, doesn’t put a strain on your budget and achieves what you want it to
  • How to decide who you’re going to reach
  • The types of media and platforms that are best for reaching your audience
  • How to use your strengths and skills to design a project that will have a positive impact AND be personally satisfying
  • Different ways of structuring what you’re going to do (for example, it could be: a one-off project, nonprofit, partnership with another org, a social enterprise, a consulting firm, a foundation, a B Corp)

Part 3: 

Developing a living, breathing plan

It’s time to produce the plan that’s going to make your project a living, breathing thing, and will be your roadmap for the next 12 months. But don’t worry, you can always change it along the way (and you probably will). I’ll give you my easy to follow template which will make the process as easy as possible. 

  • How to write a project plan that will get you out of the starting gate and on your way 
  • Introductions to people who’ll be able to help you move your project forward
  • Tools, templates and resources that you can refer back to time and time again
  • The basics of measuring a project’s impact 
  • How to get started with fundraising and get ready to pitch at start up incubators (if that makes sense for you)
  • How to communicate effectively with people involved in, and affected by, your issue

    Part 4: 

    Project Implementation 

    This is when you’ll put your plan into action.  You'll get lots of support that will keep you moving forward and help you get unstuck if you are having trouble. 

    We'll also cover topics that will give you the information you need, without you having to spend days looking for it. 

    • How to pitch to donors/investors
    • How to show potential clients how you can help change their life
    • How to form a board of directors
    • How to create a program that meets a community's needs
    • The art of fundraising 
    • How to set yourself up to measure impact
    • How to tell your story to get your message across
    • The art of PR
    • Other topics based on your needs and interests

    You’ll share your progress on the milestones you set yourself with the group, and have a chance to ask your fellow changemakers for input, support, feedback and ideas. 

    You’ll all take turns being in the ‘spotlight’. This means you’ll have time where everyone focuses on what you’re working on so you can get the help you need.

    • How to talk to people (donors, investors, community leaders, partners, stakeholders) about your project in a way that resonates with them
    • How to make changes to your plan without derailing your whole project
    • How to legally structure your program
    • Basic financial and administrative management practices (the boring but hugely important stuff)

    Part 5: 

    Celebration and Next Steps

    Time to lift a glass of your tipple of choice! 

    You’ll celebrate the progress you’ve made and look towards the future. You’ll:

    • look back at how far you’ve come, how you feel, what you are struggling with and what you are loving about your project
    • set up an ongoing support system for yourself and your project
    • check in with your plan and make any adjustments that might need to be made


    Expert Roundtable 

    We’ll have a no-holds-barred discussion with a range of strong voices from, and experts in, social, economic and environmental issues, as well as legal, financial and program development experts. 

    You’ll have the chance to ask them questions about the their journeys and what they’ve learnt along the way. You’ll also be able to get advice on the challenges that you’ve come up against while working on your project.


    • develop a plan for a social enterprise that employs at risk youth

    • start a peace initiative in partnership with local worship communities

    • launch a public art project

    • Take your small nonprofit to the next level

    • Create a program to help budding philanthropists make real impact

    • Build a give back initiative into your existing business


    Changemaker will give you all the tools and resources you need to propel your idea forward. 

    • my signature From Idea To Impact course designed to help you take small, doable steps towards your project goal
    • a two-day live event with individual spotlights
    • bi-monthly 90-minute group video calls where you’ll get encouragement, ideas and opportunities for working with other changemakers
    • one-on-one calls with me where we’ll take a deep dive into your project. You’ll get personalized feedback on what you’re doing and how you’re doing it
    • membership of a private Facebook group for people in the Changemaker Mentorship program. It’s a supportive place where you can ask questions, share knowledge and get ideas from a community of people who, like you, are working to solve social, economic and environmental problems. People who understand where you’re coming from and share similar passions and beliefs. And who value working together, taking chances and learning.
    • Anytime Access so that, between our calls, you have someone to bounce all those random, last-thing-at-night ideas and questions off of (I might not answer until the morning, though!)

    The Changemaker Mentorship is great for you if you:

    • have an idea for how to fix a problem in your community and beyond, or to provide a service to people who can help fix those problems
    • are ready to invest in your idea & yourself and TAKE ACTION
    • think it’s best to try and understand others’ circumstances, instead of swooping in and ‘saving’ them
    • feel comfortable exploring your motivations for wanting to make a difference
    • ready to help others in a way the fulfills you and helps you reach your life & career goals
    • committed to creating your legacy
    • are up for taking a mini-break outside your comfort zone and trying new things

    The Changemaker Mentorship is not for you if you:

    • you are happy simply and lovingly volunteering or giving money
    • you aren’t serious about turning your idea into action & impact
    • you aren't ready to invest time and resources in your idea
    • you like to work by yourself without a supportive community
    • you like to spend time, energy & money trying to find answers on your own

    The Changemaker Mentorship is by application only and space is limited. The first step is to schedule your free 1-on-1 Changemaker Mentorship Discovery Call



    You’re a resourceful and intelligent person. So you could do this on your own. But most people won't. And this way involves so much less blood, sweat and ugly crying! 

    You’ll have the benefit of all my knowledge, skills experience in this field. It’ll take less of your precious time AND you’ll have a ready-made support network who’ll get excited about your wins, and pick you up and spur you on whenever you get that “but I just can’t do it!” feeling.


    Aiming high’s great, and I wouldn’t expect anything less of you. But I’ll help you set goals that mean what you choose to do is realistic, and not just idealistic. 

    Having these clear goals will mean you’ll keep your eyes on the prize, and able to see how you’re progressing.


    It’s not always easy to keep yourself motivated. That’s why we’ll have regular check-ins so we can chat about how you’re getting on with your project tasks. 

    We’ll take the time to get out the noisemakers when things are working well, and put our heads together to deal with any problems, worries or mindset issues. 


    Having a structure to follow means you don’t have to work out how to put your idea into practice  all on your own. The process will all be set out for you step-by-detailed-step. You just need to follow it. But of course you can adjust the structure to fit your work and personality style.


    You don’t want to have to clamour for attention, and you sure as hell don’t want generic information or stock responses that aren’t any use to YOU. 

    Which is why I’ve made sure that, throughout the program, there’s plenty of time pencilled in for you to get personalized feedback.


    What people say about working with me

    Kirsten understands the multi-dimensional nature of problem solving and knows how to develop strategies that achieve results.

    Her intelligent, calm focused drive serves her well when working in multicultural environments. She always acts with measured respectful sensitivity.

    She is a pleasure to work with!
    — Jane G., Entrepreneur
    Kirsten’s professional approach is programmatic, comprehensive, and goal-oriented.
    — Ryan T., Microenterprise Development Specialist
    Kirsten displayed incredible vision while being realistic enough to anticipate, and overcome, potential obstacles.
    — Michelle C., University of Connecticut

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I know the problem I want to solve but I’m not sure how?

    The Changemaker Mentorship’s definitely the program for you if you’re clear about your problem-solving idea. 

    Let's talk if you have a heap of ideas and need help sorting through them. 

    Or, if you aren’t sure if your idea’s ready to be put into action, let’s talk

    I’m working with a couple of friends on an idea. Can we work together on this?

    Yes, you can! I’m always up for working with small groups who are working on the same idea. Let's talk so I can find out more about where you’ve got to so far, and we can have chat about how this could work.

    I don’t like working in groups. Can you do this program one-to-one?

    No problem! If groups aren’t your thing, or you need a more flexible program, we can work together one-on-one. Book a free discovery call with me so we can discuss what you’re looking for.

    Do I have to quit my job to make my idea happen?

    It depends on your idea but, generally, no you don’t. I’ll help you put together a project that’s worthwhile and inspiring and makes the most of the time, money and energy you’re able to devote to it.

    What if I find out my idea won’t work?

    Don’t worry yet whether your idea’s feasible. Usually, your first go at an idea isn’t the one that sticks. I’ll help you reshape your idea, so it has the chance to have a lasting impact. Or we can work on developing something different.

    I have a disability that might have an impact on how I take part in this program. Is there a way to adjust the program?

    Absolutely! Let's talk or email me at if that's easier to figure out how we can make this program work for you. 

    I don’t want to do a project, but I’d like to support someone who has a good idea

    That’s fantastic! Thank you! If you’re interested in sponsoring a Changemaker, let's talk.  

    And I’m always on the lookout for like-minded people to work with. So, if you have know-how you’d like to share that you think might benefit the program, send me an email at

    What’s it like to work with you?

    Perspective-altering, enlightening and fun! I’ll challenge you to think about your issue in new ways. I’ll also support and guide you, so that you keep moving forward towards your goal. 

    I’m no BS merchant, so there's no filler in this program. Just carefully crafted exercises activities and action steps that, as long as you put the work in, will help you develop a project that genuinely helps to make things better. 

    I’ve got questions that you haven’t answered here, how can I get in touch with you?

    Contact me and we'll arrange a time to chat. I’d love to hear from you!

    Ready to get started?