I'm doing something else to celebrate the launch of my book


Before working with Kirsten, I had a hard time moving forward with my next act. I had an idea for what I wanted to do but I was stuck. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I felt like time was wasting.

After working with Kirsten, my mindset shifted from focusing only on the creative part of my vision to focusing on the advancement of my business that was going to help make my dream a reality.

-Rosa H.

I’m giving away 20 Free Brainstorming Sessions

How much would you pay to get the life you want?

Figuring out your next act is not easy. There are so many questions. How do I get started? What is realistic given my time and money? Will I have to do this alone?

These questions are normal. In your free brainstorming session, we will work together to understand how these big questions are holding you back from getting the life you want.

Brainstorming Sessions have a $500 value but to celebrate the launch of my book and to honor all the people who have helped me along my reinvention journey, I’m paying it forward by giving away a Brainstorming Session to 20 people who are ready to dig into their next act.