Five Reasons

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Last week, I declared 2019 The Year of Reinvention.
It’s clear to me, based on the number of calls and emails I get from women who want help figuring out their next act, that we are tired of working jobs and living lives that don’t align with our values and dreams.
Today, I’m going to share with you five common reasons why women reinvent themselves and create new careers, businesses and nonprofits that do good in the world.
#1 Too Tight Lifers feel like their current (or former) career or way of life feels like it no longer fits. They are uncomfortable spending their time, energy and ideas in a job that doesn’t fulfill them. Kind of like a pair of pants that are too tight!

#2 Shake Ups are spurred by a major career or personal life event like a loss of a job, a personal illness, a death of a loved one or an empty nest. Studies show it is 50% harder to find a new job once you hit 50. If you are going to go through the work of finding a new job, make sure it’s one that lights you up!
#3 Game Uppers are people who already volunteer their time; they show up to galas and sit on boards. They get a rush out of helping others through the organizations they support. The problem is when they go to the galas or board meetings and observe what the founders of organizations and companies are able to do for their communities, they feel a pang of envy. They say to themselves if she can do that, why can’t I?
#4 Legacy Creators aren’t satisfied with simply leaving a legacy of money once they depart this world. They want to take more vivid and tangible actions. They want to feel their legacy. They want to live it through a new career or by creating a changemaking business.

#5 Critical Responders: When you, your family or your community are directly impacted by a problem or an event, and you spring into action to protest, counteract or find a solution, you are a Critical Responder.
Which of these reasons hit home for you? Is it a combination of a couple of reasons? It usually is!

Kirsten Bunch