A Big Announcement!

I have some exciting news!

Two and a half years ago, I took an idea for helping women create change in their communities and turned it into the Women’s Changemaker Mentorship.

I’ve worked with incredible women who are moving mountains with their ideas, skills and their willingness to act.

I want to thank you for supporting me on this journey.


I’ve learned that almost everyone I talk to is a changemaker in their own way, but most people don’t identify themselves as changemakers.

And I’ve learned that what really lights me up is using powerful coaching to transform my clients’ careers and lives.

-I love helping people be bold.
-I love helping people overcome their fears.
-I love helping people unleash their future.

So, I’m broadening my focus to embrace all mid-career badasses who want to refresh and redirect their careers and lives.

You don’t have to identify as a changemaker to work with me. The change you want to make can be simply changing your own future.


My clients

-start new careers
-launch businesses & nonprofits
-tackle passion projects (like writing a book or creating a film festival)

Through a combination of

-one-on-one coaching
-bespoke, transformative challenges
-powerful, perspective-changing retreats
-my blog, Change the World in a Hot Flash

I help my clients find new paths to relevance, resonance and renewal.

One of my clients, Christopher, summed it up best:

“Turning 50 knocked me on my butt. What did I want to do with my life? Kirsten helped me find a path that I didn’t even realize was an option.”


Everyone has that friend who has been complaining about their career for months. They talk about wanting a change but are stuck in a loop of self-doubt and endless information gathering.

Here’s what you do.

Introduce them to me (kirsten@kirstenbunch.com).

I won’t sell them. I won’t flood their inbox with endless emails.

I will simply have a conversation with them to see how I can help them get unstuck.

If I think I can help, I will invite them to work with me. If I can’t help them, I will refer them to someone who can.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Kirsten Bunch