Are you an Architect or a Contractor


Are you an architect or a contractor?

No, I’m not talking about for your bathroom renovation or the tree house you’re building with your kids.

Nope. I’m talking about for that business or nonprofit that you’ve been thinking about creating

You know, the one that keeps whispering in your ear, especially on bad days at the office when you feel like your soul is being sucked out of your left nostril?

Janet…It won’t hurt to try. It’s a good idea. Stop waiting for the right moment.

In my experience, what stops people from listening to that voice is


  • How do I? 

  • What would I? 

  • When should I? 


People generally fall into one of two rooms of the Maison D’Overwhelm:

Architects see clearly the house they want but they don’t know how to actually build it.


  • Draw up lots of high-level plans 

  • Dream about the end result

  • Think and talk A LOT about their big idea at a high level

But they do nothing beyond draw, dream and think/talk. They don’t ACT

Contractors, on the other hand, don’t have a problem taking steps forward but they don’t have a strategy to get them where they want to go. So, they stumble a lot and sometimes fall off the ladder. 


  • Put up a website (that no one visits) 

  • Create a course (that no one buys) 

  • Hire a social media guru (that doesn’t know what to promote)


If you’re an architect, don’t try to be a contractor. 

If you’re a contractor, don’t try to be an architect.

Know your skill set

Know what you are bringing to the table and hire people to help you do what you are not good at


Whether you are an architect or a contractor, you will have to invest money in yourself and your ideas.

The problem is knowing what to invest in.

I put together this shopping list to get you started. 

If you are an architect, invest in

1.    A good assistant

2.    People with technical skills (website developer, designer, social media manager)

3.    A sounding and grounding board (a mastermind group, a coach, a good therapist)

These people will help you take your big idea and break it down into actionable pieces.

If you are a contractor, invest in

1.    A business coach who specializes in strategy 

2.    Market research to understand what gap you fill in the market

3.    #1

You have no problem taking action and getting stuff done. But you need help understanding how all those actionable pieces fit together to create impact. 

Kirsten Bunch