So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit


If you have uttered the words
I want to start a non-profit

Read this before you take another step.

A lot of people call me because they have already paid an attorney to set up a non-profit and now, they have NO IDEA what to do with it.

-They’ve found that fundraising is hard. (Yes it is.)
-They are surprised that the nonprofit world is incredibly competitive. (It's not all peace & love).
-They’ve learned the IRS term “unrelated business income tax." (Buzzkill)

If you are like a lot of kind-hearted people who want to help people/animals/the planet, you consider starting a nonprofit organization.
But here’s the reality.

There are many options these days that can be leveraged to make a difference.

Non-profits are no longer the only option.

Over the past decade, several alternative structures for social change initiatives have become available, and they are changing the way the world thinks about charity and philanthropy.

Here are three of them:


Social enterprises use business principles to bring about financial, social and environmental impact in markets and communities where traditional markets and government are not meeting the needs of all people. Social enterprises can be for-profit, non-profit or a hybrid.
The Skoll Foundation has some great information and resources on all things social enterprise.


You’ve probably heard of impact investing, but did you know that there are now “lenses” you can put on impact investing?
My favorite is Gender Lens Investing, the practice of investing for financial return while also considering the benefits to women, both through improving economic opportunities and social well being for girls and women. (Wikipedia:Gender Lens Investing).
Here’s a list of resources put together by Tuti Scott of We Are Changemers to get started with Gender Lens Investing


B Corporations (Benefit Corporations or B Corps) are certified businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. 
Here’s an inspiring list of women-owned B Corps.

There are so many ways to move the needle on social, economic environmental issues. 

What are you waiting for?

Schedule a call with me and let's get your idea for your life-changing next act moving. 

Kirsten Bunch