Investing in Your Power

What is Power?

Power is a controversial word, right? Some might even say it’s a dirty word. But that’s when power is used unjustly for personal gain at the expense of others.

But what if we use this definition (thanks Merriam Webster):

Power is the ability to act or produce an effect

And apply it to creating the change we want to see in our communities?

What if you use your ability to act to produce safer schools? Healthy food options? An environmental film festival?

Power vs. Kryptonite

My client, Teresa, is embracing her power to create monumental change in the world and in her life.Teresa recently took a huge step in setting her better world idea in motion.

"For a year I tooled around with an idea to spark a movement of people capable of standing up to hate in America—but I hesitated to leave the security of a position that had grown too small for me.

In order for me to make the leap to launch the transformative change I believed needed to happen in this world, I was going to have to change the way I saw myself.

I was going to have to stretch out of my comfort zone and use my own voice. But my fears stopped me from quitting my job and striking out on my own.

Kirsten helped me to tackle the really practical problems that posed as the kryptonite to my vision.

She gave me concrete examples of how to earn money that helped me see how making the leap made sense. Working with Kirsten, I had the dedicated time and space to redirect my mojo and to use my voice to accomplish the change I wanted to see happen in the world.

Today, I have left the job that was too small for me; set up a consulting business and I signed my first client to generate money; and I’ve put together the 3-year action plan to spark a movement of people to stand up to hate and am in process of filing all the paperwork to make this vision an official organization."

I love that I could add so much value to Teresa’s journey within only a couple of months. But really what I did was help Teresa discover that she has the POWER to do EVERYTHING that she wants to do (an more). 

More details on Teresa’s world changing initiative coming soon!

“If I had the power, I would make everyone an African American, at least for a week. Know what it’s like.”

- Maya Angelou

Kirsten Bunch