Do You Suffer From Issue Paralysis?

Do You Suffer From Issue Paralysis?

There is SO MUCH going on these days. Listening to the news feels like being on that ride at Six Flags that whips you in different directions. You want to help but you feel so overwhelmed and you feel helpless, so you do nothing.

You suffer from Issue Paralysis!

Here is an exercise I do with my clients to help them narrow in on the issue they are going to work to positively change.

Map the Issues That Impact Your Life

Take a piece of paper and draw six boxes. Label them:

  • Me

  • Family/Home

  • School/Work

  • Community

  • Nation

  • World

In each box, list the problems that you see or have in each area of your life.

Example: In your community, is it nearly impossible to go for a walk safely because of lack of sidewalks? Does that impact the health of you, your friends and neighbors?

Take Out Your Yellow Highlighter

Which problems make you angry, sad, frustrated, happy, curious, upset?

You are looking for strong emotional reactions to the issues.

Highlight one or two problems or issues in each square that you feel the strongest about. If you don’t feel strongly about anything in a category, no problem, don’t highlight anything in that square.

Close Your Eyes

Really, close your eyes. Think about the problems you highlighted. Which one makes you feel the most angry, sad, frustrated, happy, curious, upset or whatever other emotion you feel the strongest? Circle that issue.

Ask Yourself This Question

If I did something about that problem, could I change one person's life?

Kirsten Bunch