Don't Just Give Back. Change the World.

I’ve got to come clean.

I want my clients to do more than just give back.

I want them to become CHANGEMAKERS in their communities.

The back of my business card even says so (see above).

So, what’s the difference between a changemaker and someone who gives back by (generously) supporting charities through volunteering, participating, or donating goods or money?

A changemaker identifies a problem and takes action. She uses her skills, ideas, networks and creativity to try to solve the problem.

A changemaker isn’t satisfied with adopting an already tested solution to a problem, say bringing reusable bags to the supermarket to lessen pollution by plastic bags.

Instead she looks to find a more permanent solution to the problem, like creating legislation in her town that bans the distribution of plastic bags in local stores. (Anyone?)

A changemaker isn’t satisfied with simply helping. She wants to transform.

P.S. - Want to read more on the definition of a changemaker? Check out this article by Ashoka Changemakers.

Kirsten Bunch