Me and Oprah


I didn’t want to be like everyone else and write about gratitude this week.
Then Oprah showed up in my mailbox.

OK, not Oprah herself, but O, The Oprah Magazine™.

And I am in it! (See below.)


So, I had to write about gratitude because when Oprah tells you to do something, you do it.

Here's my challenge. I think gratitude can be EXHAUSTING!

It seems like everyone is talking about how your life will change as soon as you show gratitude for everything in it. All you do is say, “THANK YOU” and you will get everything you want.

The truth is that some days we don’t feel grateful about every little thing in our lives and pretending that we do is wasted energy.  

Sometimes you just have to give yourself a moment to NOT BE GRATEFUL for your job that you don’t like or the brother-in-law that insists on bringing his own food to your dinner party that you spent two weeks planning.

But, be careful!

If you wallow too long in the “not grateful stage,” you’ll get stuck there.

The way I see it, you have two options if you don't want to be stuck:

1. Decide to be grateful for your job you don’t like or your brother-in-law and keep the status quo.


2. Take action to change the situation to a scenario where gratitude comes more easily to you.
It's your choice. 

Kirsten Bunch