What I Learned About Fear

Have you come to a reflection point in your career and life?

Maybe the writing is on the wall that you have given all you can to your current business or career?

Are you asking yourself, “What’s next for me?

No one tells us when we are in our 20s that in our 40s and 50s we should be prepared for our own reinvention. 

Yet, here we are: wanting something more but not knowing how to get it. 

It’s a scary place to be. I know, I’ve been there.

Here’s what I learned about being in that scary place. 

Fear and excitement feel the same in the body. 

I can lose sleep because I am afraid of what tomorrow will bring or I can lose sleep because I’m so excited to create my tomorrow. 

You can push yourself forward to explore a new idea or you can stand back and let fear win over excitement. 

You choose. 

Kirsten Bunch