Passion Isn’t Just For the Bedroom

I’ve cried every day for the past 11 days.

I’m not sad. Far from it. I’m crying because I feel passion.

See, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been putting my passion work out there for the world to ingest in the form of a personal story sharing series that I did with my roller derby team.

I love to help people tell personal stories. It’s pure magic.

These particular stories are about overcoming adversity. I sat down in the backyard on a beautiful spring day and asked my teammates to open up their hearts to me and the story sharing process. Together we spent three hours crafting stories and taking photos. Later, I spent a couple of hours editing the series. I have spent five minutes every day posting one of the stories. All in, I spent fewer than eight hours on the project.

And the results are fucking amazing. Thousands of people have been touched by the stories. I guarantee that you will see yourself in at least one of the stories and you will feel less alone, more empowered, motivated.

On a more practical level, the stories have increased our small team’s visibility by hundreds of people. We have received more inquiries about joining the team since the series started then we had in the past 12 months.

This is important because we aren’t just a sports team. We empower. We strengthen. We include. We accept. We offer a place for young girls and boys and adult women to grow and not be judged by the shape of their bodies, their athletic ability, their differences.

So, here’s my point. It took me 8 hours to make a difference. I didn’t have to quit my job. I didn’t have to neglect my responsibilities. I donated a tiny bit of my time and used my talents to help others and to help a cause I care deeply about.

I used my passion to give back.

How can you use your passion to give back?

Kirsten Bunch