Leg·a·cy: Do you have one?

You want to figure out “your next act.” You’ve moved mountains and built empires in your career. But, yet, you still feel a pull to help others. You feel that your life’s work is not done. You want to clear space in your life so you can turn to making change in the lives of the people you want to help, instead of the people you get paid to help.

Even after all your accomplishments and successes, your legacy is still on your mind. It’s not done yet. You have more to do. You see what the future can be if you step up and in because history tells you that you have what it takes to change lives.

Watch my quick video about the woman who inspired this post.

Now it’s a matter of focusing. Clearing space for the next chapter of your legacy, perhaps the most crucial chapter. The one where all of the skills, networks and wisdom you’ve battled to learn and build over the years combine to form your superpower. Your superpower that will change the direction of a young person in trouble, or a community that’s gone off the rails, then strengthen to change the lives of thousands of young people or light the way for hundreds of communities to find peace and justice.

Those lives you touch might never know all of your great life accomplishments. They and those who come after will only see that crucial chapter, the most important one.

So, keep building your legacy. Make space, ask for help and keep building.

Now, let’s go change the world.

Kirsten Bunch