Kirsten helped me tackle the really practical problems that posed as the kryptonite to my vision.
— Teresa V., Museum of the Courageous & Organizational Strategist

Hi! I'm Kirsten Bunch.

I work with successful women who are curious about how they can use their next act to give back but aren’t sure what to do or how to do it.

My goal is to help you help more people through your own business, nonprofit or community initiative. 

My new book is coming in August! 

Get your copy for only 99 cents!

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How I can help you 


What my clients say

Before I started working with Kirsten, I felt like I was swimming in an ocean with no land in sight.

As a result of my work with Kirsten, I feel even more empowered, energized and totally out of the weeds.  
— -Dr. Susanne Cappendijk, PhD, MBA CEO & Founder, EDsnaps

Moving the give back part of our business forward has been very frustrating and left us feeling like we are not doing an important piece of our company.
After working with Kirsten, we felt more focused and purposeful. We know that we will be able to easily determine which charitable organization best fits with Kinona as a brand, as a personal extension of ourselves, and as something we can embed in our company culture.

— Dianne & Tami, Founders, Kinona Sports

For a year I tooled around with an idea to spark a movement of people capable of standing up to hate in America—but I hesitated to leave the security of a position that had grown too small for me.  
In order for me to make the leap to launch the transformative change I believed needed to happen in this world, I was going to have to change the way I saw myself. I was going to have to stretch out of my comfort zone and use my own voice. But my fears stopped me from quitting my job and striking out on my own.
Kirsten helped me to tackle the really practical problems that posed as the kryptonite to my vision. She gave me concrete examples of how to earn money that helped me see how making the leap made sense. Working with Kirsten, I had the dedicated time and space to redirect my mojo and to use my voice to accomplish the change I wanted to see happen in the world.
Today, I have left the job that was too small for me; set up a consulting business and I signed my first client to generate money; and I’ve put together the 3-year action plan to spark a movement of people to stand up to hate and am in process of filing all the paperwork to make this vision an official organization.

-Teresa Vazquez, Museum of the Courageous

I felt stuck in a planning stage because I was nervous about taking the next steps to put my ideas into action. After working with Kirsten, I felt a major shift in my mindset and how I thought about the program. Kirsten helped me to visualize the effect this program will have on girls and how critical this work is.  I feel more confident and better equipped to take STEM Like A Girl to the next level and start impacting girls and excite them about science and engineering!

— Sarah F., Founder, STEM Like a Girl


Appearances (Speaking, Writing and Changemaking)



Changemaker Mentorship

The Changemaker Mentorship is my signature program that I designed to help you turn your ideas into powerful impact

Whether you have already started a heart-centered business, social enterprise or nonprofit or you need a kick in the pants to get going, this six month program is focused on action

You'll get the tools, resources and expertise you need to succeed so you don't have to spend months (years) and lots of money finding them on your own. 

Entry into the Changemaker Mentorship is by application only.

The first step is to book a free discovery call with me. It's free and we will work to move the barriers that are holding you back out of the way. 

Next Act Bootcamp

The Next Act Bootcamp is for you if you know you are ready to make a change in your life and you are curious about what it would mean to use your next act to give back, whether through a new career in the nonprofit world, starting your own heart-centered business or nonprofit, or launching a community initiative. 

In this six week online program, you will get clarity on how you can align your skills, interests and goals to make a difference without having to spend a lot of time and money on charitable activities that aren't personally satisfying.

This program is for you if you want your next act to be powerful, transformative and personally fulfilling.

The first step is to book a free discovery call with me. It's free and we will work to get you the life you want.

Community Builder for Business

I designed the Community Builder for Business program for busy, heart-centered business owners who care deeply about their community and want to do their part in making it healthy, safe and prosperous.

Whether you want to learn how your business can become a change agent in your community or you want to make your existing initiative even more impactful, this program will help you help your community and benefit your business

The first step is to book a free discovery call with me so together we can help you go from giving charity to changing your community. 

Ready to take action?

"I don't just promote giving back, I help people become changemakers. The distinction is that when they give back, they have an impact, of course, but when they create change, they can transform their communities. And it doesn't have to take a ton more of their time, but it's a different type of focus and effort that can make even greater life changing impact."

— Kirsten Bunch

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